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Wednesday, July 30 2014

Right to be forgotten - when you get core principles wrong

The EU and members states need to act timely and augment the "Right to be forgotten".

The principle of a "Right to be forgotten" is fundamentally human and critical to maintain society stability in e networked age.

But the European "Right to be forgotten" is perhaps the most obvious example of legal failure as vital principles are not transformed into operational solutions.

The principle cannot be implemented as a legal-only structure. To become operational, it has to be enforceable and by nature of the problem, this require law to dictate technical design principles from preventive approach as technology design will otherwise override the legal principle making it void and "unworkable" - and as such easy to ignore by commercial or shady (read in reality non-democratic) government institutions.

The main technical design principle has to change so as to enable non-identification or contextual identity in legitimate society transactions including eCommerce and public health-care. This is both possible and critical for markets and democracy - and it is the only way to protect society from the likes of Google from acquiring destabilizing and self-reinforcing power over citizens and society processes.

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